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AnyTrans for Android v6.5.0 (20190117) Multilingual MacOSX-P2P

P2P group has released an updated version of “AnyTrans for Android”.

Description: Easily Transfer Music, Videos and Photos from / to Your Android. AnyTrans for Android manager that breaks the sync boundary and consolidates every access to all your content in one place, including music, videos, photos and etc…


  • Manages Android phone’s music library by transferring songs to / from computer
  • Adds, deletes and exports movie videos on Android phone
  • Moves photos on Android phone, views pictures on computer and sets images as wallpaper
  • One-click design to manage Android phone media content without browsing file system

Android Phone Series:
SAMSUNG, Google, HTC, SONY, LG, MOTOROLA, HUAWEI, ZTE, Xiaomi, OPPO, SHARP, ViVo, LENOVO, MEIZU, OnePlus, TCL, Gionee, Meitu, Nubia, Smartisan, etc.

Android Pad Series:
SAMSUNG, Google, SONY, HUAWEI, LG, Lenovo, Xiaomi

Release Name: anytrans-for-android-v6-5-0-20190117-multilingual-macosx-p2p
Size: 70 MB
Links: HomepageNFONTi

Franzis Technical Toolbox Projects Collection v1.0-P2P

P2P group has released Franzis Technical Toolbox Projects Collection. Enjoy! ;)

Description: The great thing about smartphone cameras are that they are always on hand to take a picture of your daily adventures. The bad thing about smartphone cameras are that they don’t always take high quality photos. Taking the photos and later finding out it’s blurry, noisy or out of focus is very frustrating. Our Technical Toolbox Projects Collection is a great way to combat these negative side effects. The Toolbox includes high quality photographic filters to achieve incredible photographic results, Perfectly suited for all styles of photography, each filter provides control to satisfy discerning photographers.

FOCUS projects 3 pro – the expert software for sharp macro and product photos
With FOCUS projects 3 professional, you can use an exposure series to create an image with fantastic depth and where even the smallest object is in crisp focus from front-to-back. The smaller the object being photographed and the lesser the distance, the narrower the area of focus is. Particularly with full-frame cameras, this field of focus can amount to less than a millimetre. The solution: FOCUS projects 3 professional!

  • Stacking engine with internal 64-bit processing
  • Stacks up to 500 focal planes
  • Additional presets for the fastest results in exceptional quality,
  • Extra expert filter set

FOCUS projects 3 pro is perfect for:

  • Nature macro photography
  • Product photography
  • Architectural and interior photography
  • Mikroscope photography
  • Product shots for online stores and auctions

FOCUS projects 3 pro – Highlights at a glance:

  • Stacking engine with internal 64-bit processing
  • Stacks up to 500 focal planes
  • Additional presets for the fastest results in exceptional quality
  • Extra expert filter set
  • RAW development module
  • SCA processing for the finest colour details
  • Hue module
  • Scratch and sensor error correction
  • Automatic brilliance optimizations
  • Selective image retouching

SHARPEN projects pro – photos like the professionals
SHARPEN projects pro is your guarantee of razor-sharp photos – whether the camera has slight focus deviations, the point of focus has been set incorrectly or the image is blurred. Owners of high resolution digital cameras know: resharpening is the final and most important step in professional image processing and they will benefit from the new sharpness algorithms!

  • Sharpen digital photos professionally
  • Save blurred photographs
  • Autonomous software program and integrated Photoshop filter plug-in in one package

SHARPEN projects pro is perfect for:

  • Portraits: selective sharpening of mouth and eyes
  • Sport photography : correction of motion blur
  • Removing blurriness created by lengthy exposure time
  • Macros: bringing details to the forefront
  • Skillfully sharpen a telephoto shot
  • Tech and architecture

SHARPEN projects pro – Highlights at a glance:

  • Automatic image analysis for professional sharpening
  • Precise calculations of the correct sharpening grade
  • “Adaptive multiscale deconvolution”: the innovative correction method for blurry images that goes into the hundredfold of the registered areas
  • Sensitive selective corner recognition for achieving precise sharpness levels in selected areas.
  • Adaptive gradient sharpening – for crystal clear details and outlines
  • Inclusive corrector for mist and fog as well as scratches and sensor errors
  • RAW-module supportet by all current RAW-formats
  • Batch processing for the sharpening of entire image folders
  • Stand-alone and plug-in for Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and Adobe Lightroom

DENOISE projects 2 pro – Precisely eliminates all seven forms of image noise
Start drastically improving your photos with customized image noise reduction precisely modified to suite your individual photograph. DENOISE projects 2 professional is the only software available capable of removing all seven known forms of image noise. Now you can start shooting in environments previously unsuitable for producing satisfactory photographs!

  • Enhanced photos free of image noise
  • Easy operation – no previous image editing experience required
  • Natural Grain for naturally-realistic noise removal

DENOISE projects 2 pro is perfect for:

  • Astro images
  • Low-light conditions
  • Landscape and wildlife
  • Twilight
  • Events
  • Underwater
  • Portaits

DENOISE projects 2 pro – Highlights at a glance:

  • Eliminates all seven types of image noise: Luminance noise, color noise, color banding, color clouding, hot-pixel, salt & pepper, holes
  • Fully-automatic noise detection and optimized noise reduction
  • Selective noise reduction
  • ISO 50 to ISO 4,000,000
  • Plugins for Adobe Photoshop CS6, Elements versions 11 and later & Plugins for Adobe® Lightroom (Versions 4 and later)
  • Image noise removal up to 40% faster thanks to Smart Noise Prediction
  • Natural Grain Engine with automatic assignment of the optimal noise value
  • Source image noise analysis
  • Correct chromatic aberration

NEAT projects pro – a clear view of your motif on the fly
London, Paris, Rome: Hundreds of attractions with amazing photo ops. As usual, you’re not the only one trying to steal a glance or find the perfect perspective, and more often than not this means that the hopes of getting a clear shot of your subject start to look rather bleak. NEAT projects pro allows you to remove anyone who walked into your image – afterwards on your Computer. The good thing: you dont need any mask, brushes, just a simple click with NEAT projects.

  • Motion detection algorithms
  • Manual Corrections / Balance-painter
  • Motion Map Display
  • Synthetic Bracketing

NEAT projects pro is perfect for:

  • Museums and attractions
  • Portraits and group photos
  • Events
  • Streets and architecture
  • Still life
  • Landscape and wildlife

NEAT projects pro – Highlights at a glance:

  • Motion detection algorithms
  • Including RAW Module, batch processing and a panorama viewer
  • Synthetic Bracketing
  • Selective Masking/Border recognition
  • Image Cropping with 71 Presets
  • Scratch and sensory-error correction
  • Borderline Pixel Display for Printing Optimization
  • Optimization Assistant
  • Works as a plug-in to Adobe® Photoshop® and Lightroom®, and as a standalone application

Release Name: franzis-technical-toolbox-projects-collection-v1-0-p2p
Size: 227 MB
Links: HomepageNFONTi

Abelssoft HackCheck v2018.1.22 Build 106 Multilingual-P2P

P2P group has released an updated version of “Abelssoft HackCheck 2018″.

Description: Hackcheck monitors your online accounts to detect hacker attacks and alerts you when an attack occurs!

Billions of private access data have already been stolen by hacking attacks and the number is increasing almost every day. Cybercrime is one of the biggest dangers.

Millions of private passwords regularly fall into the wrong hands. Since many users use their favorite password in many online services, hacking can have serious consequences. If the stolen password also gives you access to your bank account or other financial tools such as paypal. In these cases, hackers usually empty accounts within a very short time!

Specialists at the Federal Bureau of Criminal Investigations agree: If you are the victim of a hack, every second counts!

The problem: Many users do not even know that one of their accounts has been hacked. A big risk, because in most cases, people whose passwords and access data have been stolen can prevent the worst by reacting quickly.

But how do you know if your account has been hacked? – HackCheck finds out for you!

The new Windows tool HackCheck takes your email addresses and instantly checks if they belong to a hacking attack. In this case, the program tells you which online service has been compromised in which way – and recommends that you immediately change the password.

The program runs a new test every four hours and alerts you to new successful hacking attacks against your accounts. In this way, you can change the matching passwords immediately before your own accounts are plundered.

HackCheck also provides insights into the current security situation and reports the number of web services already affected by a hacker attack and the number of affected accounts worldwide. The latest leak is highlighted in the overview, so you won’t miss a major hacker attack.

Release Name: abelssoft-hackcheck-v2018-1-22-build-106-multilingual-p2p
Size: 2.8 MB
Links: HomepageNFONTi

Windows 10 Enterprise 2019 LTSC x64 incl Office 2019 En-us January 2019-P2P

P2P group has released Windows 10 Enterprise 2019 LTSC x64 incl Office 2019 En-us January 2019. Enjoy! :)

Description: Windows 10 Enterprise 2019 LTSC with Office 2019 Latest OEM RTM version. Full Bootable ISO Image of Windows 10 Enterprise 2019 LTSC. Windows 10 Enterprise 2019 LTSC with Office 2019 includes Windows Defender which will make sure that your operating system is up to date, secure and stable. It has got Edge browser which has enhanced the web browsing experience to a great degree. It has also been equipped with Windows Media Center which has enhanced media experience of the users. It also includes .NET Framework 3.5 plus it also includes Diagnostics and Recovery toolset 10.0. It has also got built-in MS Office 2019.


* File: LTSCX64.OFF19.ENU.JAN2019.iso
* Size: 4,35GB
* Format: Bootable ISO
* SOURCES: dvd-74865958 & ProPlus2019.en-US
* CRC32: 9149fb11
* MD5 : 29294f2f8a53474d73b4db9ecfba3d51
* SHA-1: ac4dda98c23cdf3b9a1a037f1271c507b50d40c9

What’s new:

Integrated / Pre-installed:
* Servicing Stack Update:
* KB4470788
* CumulativeUpdate:
* KB4480116
* Cumulative Update for
* .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.7.2:
* KB4480056
* Flash Player Security Update:
* KB4480979
* Office 2019 Pro Plus VL 32bit

SetupComplete / Post-install:

* .NET Framework 3.5
* Defender Updates



* Windows 10 Enterprise 2019 LTSC
* Office 2019 Pro Plus integrated
* Activators: KMS38 & OnlineKMS


* UEFI-ready
* (Use attached Rufus USB-tool to make UEFI-bootable).
* Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset 10.0 (Microsoft DaRT)
* install.wim compressed to recovery format (install.esd)


* Create bootable USB (highly recommended) with Rufus,
* (attached) or burn to DVD-R at slow speed.

Release Name: windows-10-enterprise-2019-ltsc-x64-incl-office-2019-en-us-january-2019-p2p
Size: 4.36 GB
Links: HomepageNFONTi


Publisher Lab – Templates v4.4.4 Multilingual MacOSX-P2P

P2P group has released an updated version of “Publisher Lab – Templates”.

Description: Jumsoft’s Publisher Lab for Pages is a powerful companion to supercharge your personal and business Pages documents! Make use of thousands of professionally-designed templates with limitless customization opportunities. Creating exceptional work with Pages has never been quicker and easier!

Publisher Lab for Pages offers a wide range of customizable and interchangeable template categories: Ads & Flyers, Books & Albums, Brochures & Catalogs, Business Cards, Cards & Invitations, Newsletters, Posters – just to name a few. As if it weren’t enough, our design team issues regular content updates to make sure that you never run out of the best template designs available on the market! Be prepared for anything with Publisher Lab for Pages.

Release Name: publisher-lab-templates-v4-4-4-multilingual-macosx-p2p
Size: 87 MB
Links: HomepageNFONTi

HitmanPro.Alert v3.7.9 Build 773 Multilingual-P2P

P2P group has released an updated version of “HitmanPro Alert”.

Description: HitmanPro.Alert is a lightweight application able to monitor your browser activity and detect potential threats that may comprise system security.

The tool was specifically built to add an extra layer of security to your system, in order to protect you whenever you shop on the Internet or perform online banking operations. It offers real-time PC protection against software exploits, drive-by downloads, crypto-ransomware, online fraud, and identity theft.


  • Intuitive interface and malware scans
  • Safe browsing and exploit mitigation
  • Vaccination, CryptoGuard and webcam notifier
  • Keystroke encryption, process protection, network lockdown and USB blocker

Release Name: hitmanpro-alert-v3-7-9-build-773-multilingual-p2p
Size: 4.4 MB
Links: HomepageNFONTi

Bitsum ParkControl Pro v1.3.1.6 Multilingual-P2P

P2P group has released an updated version of “Bitsum ParkControl Pro”.

Description: Bitsum developed ParkControl because core parking settings are hidden in Windows, but can make such a large difference on performance, particularly when there are bursting CPU bound loads (the most common type).


  • Core Parking – Core Parking is a sleep state (C6) supported by most newer x86 processors, and newer editions of Windows. Core Parking dynamically disables CPU cores in an effort to conserve power when idle. Disabled cores are re-enabled as the CPU load increases once again. This technology is very similar to frequency scaling, in that it seeks to throttle the CPU when idle. The problem is that Window’s default power profiles are configured far too aggressively when it comes to core parking, especially on workstations. Their interest was in conserving energy, even if this meant marginally decreasing performance. A number of complex parameters control when a core should be parked, and Microsoft tuned heavily towards power savings. The core parking settings in Windows are implemented as parameters of power plans (aka power profiles). That means you can, for example, disable core parking for the High Performance power plan, but leave it enabled for other plans. And that is exactly the desired tweak for most users: disable parking only for high performance power plans.
  • Efficacy – Empirical evidence shows that disabling core parking can make a real difference in system performance. There are many factors that will determine how efficacious it will be for any given system, including the CPU type, application load, and user behavior. However, we find that Windows is often over-aggressive in its core parking, resulting in excess latency as cores are unparked to accommodate bursting loads (the most common type of CPU load). In our tests, we’ve found AMD processors benefit most from disabling core parking. This is perhaps due to the dramatic difference in the way AMD processors share (hardware) computational resources between logical cores. Microsoft optimized for Intel’s HyperThreading, which has much less capable secondary cores. AMD’s secondary logical cores are near full CPUs. YMMV, but if we didn’t see real and substantial performance gains after disabling core parking, we wouldn’t have authored this utility.
  • Safety – These tweaks are entirely safe for any PC that is constructed properly. The only way that they could possibly seem to cause some change in behavior is if the PC has overheating issues. In such an event, those issues would be seen regardless of these tweaks by simply placing a sustained high load on the CPU.

Release Name: bitsum-parkcontrol-pro-v1-3-1-6-multilingual-p2p
Size: 3.1 MB
Links: HomepageNFONTi

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